My name is Jaclyn and welcome to my little corner of sweet happiness.

I am a 3rd year student studying marketing at the beautiful University of Cape Town. I am a young girl who enjoys hearing people’s stories, being inspired, laughing, exploring, eating good food and enjoying good company. I grew up dancing around my mother in the kitchen…mixing, measuring, tasting and learning. Among the chaos, I did manage to find my love for baking (or perhaps it was simply a love for food). I am now a little older and hoping to use my home-grown experience along with a touch of creativity to muster up treats, hopefully half as good as those I enjoyed as a child.

Why Sweet Happiness? Well, I am quite convinced that there is nothing in this world that a big cup of tea and something deliciously sweet cannot fix. Maybe that is a naive way to look at life, but maybe it is just a good excuse to eat cake and not feel guilty about it.

In this blog you will follow the day-to-day adventures of a farm girl wondering the streets of Cape Town. It has been such a joy discovering the little treasures that this city holds. I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful place, the least I can do is go out and enjoy it!  I will be recommending my favourite coffee spots as well as sharing my experiences in the kitchen. You will also get a glimpse of my thoughts, my ideas and a look at my walk through life. I hope a taste of my journey will spark some inspiration in yours, and that you will take time out to stop, taste and be happy!



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