Keeping Warm at Honey Bun

Just when you think that winter has finally said its goodbyes and you are ready to put away your big jackets and rain boots, you are hit with another weekend of rain and hail. And I am proud to announce that this weekend we got to experience snow for the third time this winter, right here in Cape Town. And while we might not all admit it, the idea of snow is actually terribly exciting. Surely I am not the only one who gets carried away with the thought of building a snowman, naming him Charlie and giving him a carrot nose? Evidently, it turns out I have watched far too many movies as this is not at all how the weekend played out.  It was rather spent with me bundled up in my bedroom trying hard to keep warm. Plus, in order to actually see the snow meant hiking up a mountain. Enough said.

Instead, I found myself searching for something a little more cosy and comfortable. This lead me to a small little coffee shop situated in Observatory called Honey Bun Deli. Observatory is known for its alternative style and arty characters. It is a fast growing district filled with quirky restaurants, easy going bars and plenty of hippies. It also happens to hold some of the best coffee shops I am yet to find. Here is a look at my last visit to Honey Bun Deli when I celebrated my friend’s birthday….

When you arrive at a coffee shop wearing a crown (as the birthday girl does), I guess you can’t be surprised when you are handed a free brownie from the waitress. This of course, was a great way to start the morning and we were all sold on the deli before we had even placed our orders.

We then enjoyed three hot cappuccinos and soaked in the surrounding atmosphere and everything that it had to offer. The coffee, strong and hot, just as I like it. On a typical day you would be sprawled out onto the pavement enjoying the rays of sunshine and the interesting passersby. It is not the most appealing sight from the outside, however it is the sweetest little place once you step inside.

The service was commendable and we didn’t have to wait long for our food to arrive. It was made up of a breakfast smoothie for the birthday girl, a recession breakfast (which cost R19), and a gourmet toastie consisting of smoked chicken and brie. The food was delicious and the price was even better. I can highly recommend this place to anyone (especially if you are living off a student budget). It is a happy spot, with friendly service and good coffee.

Sadly, I didn’t get too many photos of the food, plenty of the birthday girl on the other hand;)

So I might not have created my snowman after all, but the Observatory adventure was way worth the sacrifice.

Honeybun Deli
Corner of Lower Main & Trill Roads
Western Cape
South Africa
Phone +27 21 447 0606


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